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Reviews of tempeh starter

Derrick B - 05/02/2020
Top quality tempeh starter. I have made 4 different types of tempeh to date. Soybeans, Soybean/sunflower, Lentil, and lentil/ sunflower. All 4 had lovely flavour profiles and the incubation was a breeze. I will say for the next batch of lentil and lentil/sunflower I will pack them more sufficiently as the finished product was not as firm as I had intended. However that was not due to the Rhizopus which did its job perfectly. I will be ordering again that is for sure!

Fanny B. - 10/04/2020
Your starter is just the best! Recently tried a different one and the results were very bad. So thank you for a fabulous product!

Gregg McKenzie - 30/01/2020
There are sooo many variables that can go wrong making perfect tempeh –’s starter is NOT one of them!

Holger M. - 19/10/2017
I just wanted to thank you. Your tempeh starter is great…at the moment I am making some soy beans tempeh and some chickpeas tempeh…It is growing great. I got a hint to get good results. If the beans are too moist (if the drying process wasn´t done properly enough), the tempeh won´t grow (I had this problem at the beginning). Now I add 2-3 teaspoon of rice flour to the cooked & dried beans, mix them very well and then add the tempeh starter. The additional flour soaks the moistness away very well. Keep on!

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About our tempeh starter

Our tempeh starter culture contains high numbers of active Rhizopus spores and is free of pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella. Our tempeh starter is made from GMO-free ingredients, is gluten and dairy free, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

We offer tempeh starter of the highest quality. Those who have compared our product with that of other suppliers prefer our starter! It makes it possible to make perfect white tempeh, without formation of black spots! It can be used to make tempeh from 100% soybeans or a mixture of soybeans and other beans or cereals.

Our production facilities are regularly inspected and approved by the FAVV, the Federal Agency for Food Safety.

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