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Reviews of our tempeh starter

Jaime T. - 23/11/2016
Great mycelium growth!! Absolutely NO ammonia smell. Perfect grade A+++ Tempeh! Best batch yet I believe. Thanks again for the great tempeh starter culture!!

Christiane I. - 30/10/2016
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome quality of your tempeh starter. We've now been producing Tempeh for about 18 months (~30kg in total) and not once did your tempeh starter disappoint. I just wish I had stumbled upon your website earlier, as Tempeh has turned into probably my favorite food :). Thanks again and best regards, Christiane

Claire C. - 1/05/2016
After first trail of topculture tmpeh starter we are sooo satisfied with the quality of the product. Thank you so much.

Joergen H. - 17/09/2015
Thank you for the free sample tempeh-starter, you send me some weeks ago. That starter was very powerful and really amazing, cause it effects complex aromatic, absolutely delicous tempeh - an gorgeous and overwhelming product! I thank you for that!

Yuri M. - 04/03/2015
We've been buying the tempeh starter from you for months, testing it, and we are satisfied with the quality. Congratulations!

Niklas B. - 12/01/2015
I've bought tempeh starter from you a few times and me and my friends are very impressed with the results each time I've done tempeh. This Christmas we made "Christmas Tempeh" baked in the oven with traditional Swedish Christmas spices. So, first of all: A big thanks.

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About our tempeh starter

Our tempeh starter culture contains Rhizopus spores in high quantities (>8 million/g) and is free of pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella. Our starter is made from GMO-free ingredients, is gluten and dairy free, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our production facilities are regularly inspected by the FAVV, the local health authority. We offer tempeh starter culture of the highest quality. Those who have compared our tempeh starter with that of other suppliers prefer our starter! Our tempeh starter makes perfect white tempeh, without formation of black spots! It can be used to make tempeh from 100% soybeans or a mixture of soybeans and other beans or cereals. Read more >
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