Tempeh starter quality

Tempeh has always been considered to be a very safe product. But a large salmonella infection that sickened about hundred people in the US in 2012 changed this certainty. When the source of infection was traced back to imported Indonesian tempeh starter, some sellers in the USA and Australia closed their shop for a few months, probably because they were also sourcing directly from Indonesian and needed time to sort things out. In the meantime, the dust has settled and business continues as usual.

So how can you know that the tempeh starter of a certain seller is safe to use?

Registration with local health authorities

You can produce tempeh starter in your back yard and sell it, without having problems with health authorities, simply because they do not know about your existence. We are registered with the Belgian food safety authority FAVV. Our registration number with the FAVV is 2.275.513.003. You can look up our food facility here.

FDA registration

The FDA's Registration of Food Facilities Final Rule, 21 CFR 1.225-1.243, requires owners and operators of all domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food that will be consumed in the United States to register with FDA. Our registration number with the FDA is 10241893410.

Kosher certificate

Although a Kosher certificate is not required to make high quality tempeh starter, it is an extra quality guarantee. The rabin who inspects our facility pays extra attention to hygiene and disinfection. You can download our Kosher certificate here. Some suppliers claim that their tempeh starter is also Kosher but cannot provide a proof from an authorised person or organisation.