Tauge with Tempeh

Total servings: 4


300 g tauge sprouts
150 g tempeh, crumbled
1 onion, cut in 4 pieces
1 small red chili
1 clove garlic, peeled
3 Tbs vegetable oil
1 green onion stalk, sliced
2 Tbs miso
200 ml water
4 Tbs cane sugar
1 Tbs vinegar
2 Tbs shoyu or tamari


Put tauge sprouts in saucepan cover with water and bring to boiling point. Drain and set aside.

In blender put tempeh, onion, red chili and garlic, and mix until smooth, adding some water if needed.

In saucepan add green onion stalk and vegetable oil and bake for 2 minutes. Add above mixture, miso, water, cane sugar, vinegar and shoyu. Simmer this sauce uncovered for 5 minutes.

Put tauge sprouts on serving dish and top with the sauce.

Serve hot with with rice.

Vegan: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes